Why I started this + Capsule wardrobe


Welcome to my blog!

The main reason I started this is because my friends kept telling me that my style is amazing so I decided to do this and see what happens. So here you’re going to find outfit ideas, something about my life and maybe the uncountable DIY things I keep doing. 

My motivation comes from yesterday when I decided to build my capsule wardrobe and surprisingly I was successful with this. I wrote surorisingly because I’m the kind of person who starts something and then suddenly quits it, because they lost motivation. 

I’ll see how this capsule wardrobe thingy turns out, but as I see now it’s going to be completely enough and fine. Maybe today I’ll post an outfit on Instagram (that’s where you can find me everyday, since I’m gonna shareone post per week here) from the clothes I’ve cleaned-out yesterday and from the clothes I left in my wardrobe. 

But back to capsule wardrobe: Mine contains 109 pieces of clothes including my favourite full-lenght dress which is somewhat ‘Padme-like’ I think and that’s why I love it so much, since I’m a huge Star Wars fan. After all it’s between business and casual and boho, because here in Hungary I don’t think I could wear boho clothes since winter (the wardrobe contains stuff for all seasons), especially after this winter when I wore eight – I wrote 8 – layers of clothes and I was still freezing and the business part is there because this year I’m gonna have the final exam and mybe after that I’m just gonna throw them away. It took me an hour to plan the wardrobe and three hours to clean out what wasn’t on the list. The only thing is to stick to your list and you’ll be successful. 

I think that’s all for now, but if you’d like it, I’m going to make a post for How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe. Thank you for reading this and see you soon! 


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