Top 3 lipsticks from the drugstore


So for today I decided to show you my favourite three lipsticks from the drugstore. Basically, this is not a haul or something like that, I’ll just indruce some lipsticks to you and tell my opinion and experiences.

Before I start this I have to explain that my lips can dry out easily because of the position of my teeth, so for me this whole lipstick thing is much more difficult than for other girls.

3. The least favourite is the MATT MATT MATT lipgloss from Essence, which is a darker coloured liquid stick. It is so beautiful and it’s biggest advantage is that it has this dark red colour which makes my teeth look whiter.

I like to wear it for parties and going out, because it makes my lips look so much bigger, too and usually I don’t want to look too sexy or something.


2. The second one is from Essence, too and I got it for my 18th birthday from the author if the Cactus blog. It’s from the MATT MATT MATT collection, too, but it’s a real lipstick and it’s the colour marked with 2.

I usually wear it for weekdays when I want to make a somewhat natural make-up and I really love it, it’s nude colour works well with my fair skintone.


1. And my absolute favourite is the one from AVON and it’s called the Pure Pink colour. It is so soft and peachy looking on my lips. It’s biggest advantage is that it doesn’t make my lips dry.

I put it on for basically everywhere: I wear it for weeakdays and also for special occasions – I wore it on the exhibition about the women.


And for the end here is a swatch for you, guys!


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