Introversion – something more than fashion

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Hello guys!

To be completely honest, this is not going to be a fashion post, because in the last few days I’ve been talking to some of my friends and I realised that they completely could not handle my introversion, so I decided to write this post to help you out with accepting your introversion or handle your friend’s.

What is introversion?

Introversion means that you get your energy from the time you spend alone. This is not like an illness or something and if you are extroverted, we don’t need your advice, because it can make us worse and worse.

How I realised that I was introverted?

When I started secondary school I started to go home by bus more and more times and I realised that the time I spend with listening to music and looking through the bus’s window makes me feel better when I arrive home to my family.

I was always that girl who sits in the corner at a party and tries to read her favourite book, because the dancing and singing and anything didn’t make me feel good. I didn’t have many friends in primary school or in the handball clubs where I’ve been playing, because they thought I was awkward and I believed that.

In secondary I got a completely extroverted English teacher and she made me love the language and when I was in 10th grade, I found a Facebook post about introverted people. When I read the article it was completely about me.

What my family thinks?

They think that I’m just antisocial. But introversion is not like that. An antisocial won’t care about what society wants them to do. But introverts try to be good enough for the society of extroverts. I wanted to change myself and I wanted to go to every party, because of the pressure of my family.

When did I accept my introversion?

The total acceptance happened about half a year ago. Until then I tried to go to every school party and every hop. But since then it’s more and more usual to drop a programme because I’ve lost my interest while waiting for the event. But to this day there is a bad feeling about what my friends would think.

How to handle it?

It’s not easy for you and not easy for us. We try to follow you everywhere, but sometimes we need to skip, because we are too tired to go to a crowded plaza or something like that. But there are times when your presence can make us feel tired. We are sorry for this, but we just can’t do anything. Please accept us, because this makes us feel bad, too and your inacceptance can make us feel worse.

Thank you, if you read this and sorry for being so out of topic, but I felt I had to write this.

I hope you have a very nice day today.

Bye, Victoria


What I got for Easter? + A short advert for my friend’s blog


Hello dears! Today I am going to show you what I got for Easter.

The first thing is something I got from my parents and I call it introversion blanket. Basically, it’s a blanket with sleeves and it has this beautiful powdered pink colour which I am in love with. It’s from BonPrix.


The second thing is from my grandma. This is the most beautiful bag I’ve ever seen. It has this deep blue colour and small, pinkish flowers on it and a huge black bird with golden detalis. It’s from Deichmann.


The third thing is something I bought for myself in Pécs because I’m a sucker for special soaps. It sayt Turkish arbor and it has this somewhat spicy smell. Look at it’s colour by the way, it’s so beautiful. You can’t buy this product from their webshop, but this is their webshop link.


The fourth thing is from a family friend who – as she told me – had no guess what to buy for me, so she gave oBag a try. And to be honest: it was the best blind guess I’ve ever seen in my life. Look at this colour, guys, it’s so beautiful.


Tell me in the comments, what did you get for Easter?

By the way, it seems like I have to present you someone who is my best friend from primary school, so if you are interested in vegetarian lifestyle or only in make up and clothes, you totally should take a look at her blog: Lifestyle as a Confident Cactus.