What’s in my bag? 

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So as I promised in Insta story, here is the What’s in my bag? post. These days, I use the o Bag, which I got for Easter and is fine when I want to put all my school books in it. Since it’s May, I didn’t put the furry on it. 

Now, let’s see, what’s in there. 

The first thing I have to mention is my headset, which I got for my graduation from my parents and to be completely honest THIS IS A MAGIC. This is red and makes the bass sound deeper. 

The second thing I meet is my outer battery which I bought last year when the beach handball season started and it can be extremely useful when you spend the whole day at the beach, but you want to keep in touch with your friends. 

The third thing is my hand cream. You must know that my hands can dry out very fast, so I have to use cream. Since I started using them in October, I’m still trying to figure out which is the best for me. This one is from Himalaya and it seems like working well. 

The fourth thing is my lip balm, which was a Christmas special two years ago, I guess and that time I tried to buy as many lip balm from The Body Shop as I could and I reached to using this two weeks ago. 

The next thing is my wallet from LoveBug Vintage which you could have met in the March HAUL post. 

The sixth thing is my diary which I got on Saint Nicholas’ Night from my parents. It is a tradition in my family that every adult gets a diary for that night and since I reached 18 in October, I got one, too. It has beautiful drawings in it – that is what I love the most. 

The next things are my sunglasses from Bijou Brigitte, which you might have seen in March HAUL, too. 

And the last thing is my cable for charging my phone. It is about death, but still works. 

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Bye, Victoria