What’s in my bag? 

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So as I promised in Insta story, here is the What’s in my bag? post. These days, I use the o Bag, which I got for Easter and is fine when I want to put all my school books in it. Since it’s May, I didn’t put the furry on it. 

Now, let’s see, what’s in there. 

The first thing I have to mention is my headset, which I got for my graduation from my parents and to be completely honest THIS IS A MAGIC. This is red and makes the bass sound deeper. 

The second thing I meet is my outer battery which I bought last year when the beach handball season started and it can be extremely useful when you spend the whole day at the beach, but you want to keep in touch with your friends. 

The third thing is my hand cream. You must know that my hands can dry out very fast, so I have to use cream. Since I started using them in October, I’m still trying to figure out which is the best for me. This one is from Himalaya and it seems like working well. 

The fourth thing is my lip balm, which was a Christmas special two years ago, I guess and that time I tried to buy as many lip balm from The Body Shop as I could and I reached to using this two weeks ago. 

The next thing is my wallet from LoveBug Vintage which you could have met in the March HAUL post. 

The sixth thing is my diary which I got on Saint Nicholas’ Night from my parents. It is a tradition in my family that every adult gets a diary for that night and since I reached 18 in October, I got one, too. It has beautiful drawings in it – that is what I love the most. 

The next things are my sunglasses from Bijou Brigitte, which you might have seen in March HAUL, too. 

And the last thing is my cable for charging my phone. It is about death, but still works. 

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Bye, Victoria


Introversion – something more than fashion

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Hello guys!

To be completely honest, this is not going to be a fashion post, because in the last few days I’ve been talking to some of my friends and I realised that they completely could not handle my introversion, so I decided to write this post to help you out with accepting your introversion or handle your friend’s.

What is introversion?

Introversion means that you get your energy from the time you spend alone. This is not like an illness or something and if you are extroverted, we don’t need your advice, because it can make us worse and worse.

How I realised that I was introverted?

When I started secondary school I started to go home by bus more and more times and I realised that the time I spend with listening to music and looking through the bus’s window makes me feel better when I arrive home to my family.

I was always that girl who sits in the corner at a party and tries to read her favourite book, because the dancing and singing and anything didn’t make me feel good. I didn’t have many friends in primary school or in the handball clubs where I’ve been playing, because they thought I was awkward and I believed that.

In secondary I got a completely extroverted English teacher and she made me love the language and when I was in 10th grade, I found a Facebook post about introverted people. When I read the article it was completely about me.

What my family thinks?

They think that I’m just antisocial. But introversion is not like that. An antisocial won’t care about what society wants them to do. But introverts try to be good enough for the society of extroverts. I wanted to change myself and I wanted to go to every party, because of the pressure of my family.

When did I accept my introversion?

The total acceptance happened about half a year ago. Until then I tried to go to every school party and every hop. But since then it’s more and more usual to drop a programme because I’ve lost my interest while waiting for the event. But to this day there is a bad feeling about what my friends would think.

How to handle it?

It’s not easy for you and not easy for us. We try to follow you everywhere, but sometimes we need to skip, because we are too tired to go to a crowded plaza or something like that. But there are times when your presence can make us feel tired. We are sorry for this, but we just can’t do anything. Please accept us, because this makes us feel bad, too and your inacceptance can make us feel worse.

Thank you, if you read this and sorry for being so out of topic, but I felt I had to write this.

I hope you have a very nice day today.

Bye, Victoria

Top 3 lipsticks from the drugstore


So for today I decided to show you my favourite three lipsticks from the drugstore. Basically, this is not a haul or something like that, I’ll just indruce some lipsticks to you and tell my opinion and experiences.

Before I start this I have to explain that my lips can dry out easily because of the position of my teeth, so for me this whole lipstick thing is much more difficult than for other girls.

3. The least favourite is the MATT MATT MATT lipgloss from Essence, which is a darker coloured liquid stick. It is so beautiful and it’s biggest advantage is that it has this dark red colour which makes my teeth look whiter.

I like to wear it for parties and going out, because it makes my lips look so much bigger, too and usually I don’t want to look too sexy or something.


2. The second one is from Essence, too and I got it for my 18th birthday from the author if the Cactus blog. It’s from the MATT MATT MATT collection, too, but it’s a real lipstick and it’s the colour marked with 2.

I usually wear it for weekdays when I want to make a somewhat natural make-up and I really love it, it’s nude colour works well with my fair skintone.


1. And my absolute favourite is the one from AVON and it’s called the Pure Pink colour. It is so soft and peachy looking on my lips. It’s biggest advantage is that it doesn’t make my lips dry.

I put it on for basically everywhere: I wear it for weeakdays and also for special occasions – I wore it on the exhibition about the women.


And for the end here is a swatch for you, guys!


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Summer Wishlist (which items I’m carving for but I’ll never buy)


Hello dears!

In this post I am going to show you 11 items which I am totally carving for, but I’m sure that I will never buy them. At least, I’ll share their links, just so you can reach them at the webstores.

So, I’ll start off with H&M products, because there is an H&M store in the other city, so that is the most usual place where I go to buy clothes and accessories, and in the H&M category, I think I should start with trousers/jeans.

The first things are these mom jeans, which I have fallen in love with. It is darker coloured and it says Stay Bold at the knee area.


The second ones are there boyfriend jeans, which are lighter but say Rebel Youth which I can totally relate to.


The thirds are these burgundy trousers which have those beautiful embroidered details on the waist and the stalks.


The next category basically contains one skirt, which has embroidery on it, too and made of denim.


The next one is a body, which has a human heart on it and this pastel coloured, and for me it has a meaning which I can’t really explain.


This category stands for tops, basically for two tops. The first one is a floral patterned, loosy one with the popular choker-like neck.


The second top a black crop top and something that I can totally relate to, again. It is black, has a red rose on it saying Unavailable.


The next is a lacy dress which is totally like something from the ’20s and to be completely honest I AM A FAN OF THOSE YEARS. It is white, which makes it more elegant.


And the last one from H&M is this small bag which you could see as a featured image. It is small – just for make-up – and pinky and it says Rainbow Crew with a rainbow down below the text.



The other place where I looked for these items is RoseGal.com and it’s an amazing place. The first thing I want from here is this asimetryc skirt with turquise patterns.


The other thing is a swimsuit in deep blue colour and has lacy details on it.


So this is all, I want for summer, but I will never buy. If you liked this post, don’t forget to share, like, comment and subscribe.

Have a nice day!

What I got for Easter? + A short advert for my friend’s blog


Hello dears! Today I am going to show you what I got for Easter.

The first thing is something I got from my parents and I call it introversion blanket. Basically, it’s a blanket with sleeves and it has this beautiful powdered pink colour which I am in love with. It’s from BonPrix.


The second thing is from my grandma. This is the most beautiful bag I’ve ever seen. It has this deep blue colour and small, pinkish flowers on it and a huge black bird with golden detalis. It’s from Deichmann.


The third thing is something I bought for myself in Pécs because I’m a sucker for special soaps. It sayt Turkish arbor and it has this somewhat spicy smell. Look at it’s colour by the way, it’s so beautiful. You can’t buy this product from their webshop, but this is their webshop link.


The fourth thing is from a family friend who – as she told me – had no guess what to buy for me, so she gave oBag a try. And to be honest: it was the best blind guess I’ve ever seen in my life. Look at this colour, guys, it’s so beautiful.


Tell me in the comments, what did you get for Easter?

By the way, it seems like I have to present you someone who is my best friend from primary school, so if you are interested in vegetarian lifestyle or only in make up and clothes, you totally should take a look at her blog: Lifestyle as a Confident Cactus.

An exhibition about the women


If we think about the 20th century, wars may come to our minds, but let us talk about the women’s fashion, which changed so much through the years. In the 1900s companies started to use women to advertise their products and the spreading of the information became faster by the cinemas and photos.

The exhibition was about these advertises and the changes of the fashion. Here you can find a gallery of the photos I made for you all. There are some dresses and lingeries, but you can see powder boxes and an old type of beautyblender, some pairs of shoes and an iconic photo of the 20es, and finally the shoes I wore to this event.



March Haul


As you see in the title, this is going to be a haul post. Since I’m trying to stick to the capsule wardorbe conception, there won’t be any clothes, you’ll only see cosmetics and some accessories… and a pair of shoes.


Let’s start with The Body Shop’s products. You can see the bag on the top of this post, which says ‘Good things inside’ and that’s why I chose this as a main picture. The first thing I bought is a body scrub which has this strange pink grapefruit smell. I haven’t used something like this before, but I wanted to try this out and this was a small amount and I asked myself: ‘Why not?’. I didn’t have time to try out, but I’m trying to.

FullSizeRender (5)

The second thing from The Body Shop was an essential oil in lavender smell. I bought this because I’m used to it’s smell which helps me to fall asleep when I’m stressed.

The third item was a gift. It’s a Tea tree face mask which is quite good. I put it on yesterday and I felt my face saying thank you for me.


The fourth product is a bathbomb from Lush. I can’t remember it’s name correctly I know I’m stupid but it’s smell was sooo good.


I went to a vegan event with one of my friends and I bought this soap there. As I remember they didn’t use any palm oil to produce this. This is Manu Soaps and it has this gingery-lemony smell which goes too well with my shower gel.

FullSizeRender (4)

I bought there sunglasses from Bijou Brigitte and they go pretty well with my face. The funny is that I couldn’t see myelf when I tried them on, because I have real glasses, and my eyes are too bad, and when I bought these, I wore my real glasses, so I just decided to purchase. It ended up well.

FullSizeRender (10)

The next group is from LoveBug Vintage Budapest which small shop is organized by a very kind girl. I’ve been there at the beginning of this month and today. I think I should part my purchases to two groups, so let’s start with the first. The first thing I bought there was this fake septum, which you may have seen on Instagram and which I’m fallen for since the first time I saw it.

FullSizeRender (6)

The second thing is this choker. You must know that I’m a b*tch for chokers and it has Fatima’s hand which means fortune and success, so this fits me very well. Accept that I can fall over myself…

FullSizeRender (9)

The fourth thing is not connected to this whole fashion thing, but I think this is something beautiful. This is a photo album, and we both agreed with the girl who runs the shop that this is hand-painted.

FullSizeRender (7)

The other group contains only two products. This is a wallet or I don’t know, but I am going to use this as a pencil case, so… I don’t even care. I love this.


And finally… these slippers… which are too beautiful to talk about. But know I’ll try to. So this girl has been to Morocco and she came back with slippers like these. And yeah… I really don’t know what to say, I’m fallen in love. Again. Sorry guys. Just look at them. Just…

FullSizeRender (8)

So this was my March haul. If you liked it, comment and share my blog. Thank you.


My chokers and the stories behind them


Soooo… As I mentioned in the March Haul post, I’m a s*cker for chokers, so I decided to write a post about my chokers. I have seven (and I’m waiting for five from eBay), mainly from Claire’s and a short story connects to each of them. I hope, you’ll enjoy them!

The first one in the row is exactly the first I got. I got this from my parents for my 18th birthday in October and to be completely honest then I thought that it was too goth for me so I never wore it. Basically, this is the reason why I call it the goth one. But when I searched for my chokers, I found it and now I think that I can master out a look with this piece. It has that kind of strange, somewhat dog collar-ish solution at the back, but it looks good, to be honest. It came with a bracelet in the same style and now I think that I should totally wear them.

FullSizeRender (21)

The second one is two days older in my wardrobe: I got this for my 18th birthday, too, but from one of my best friends and my amazingly talented photographer (Let me say thank you again). I mentioned it in the Winter favourites post and I call this the burjois one, because it has those big white beads and swarowski crystals and I can’t tell how much I love it. On our prom night, I lended it to one of my classmates and it was really beautiful with her dress.

FullSizeRender (22)

And this is where I am going to lose the cronological order. The third one is this simple one with a small moon on it. This is why I call it the moony one (I don’t know if moony is an existing word). I bought it around Christmas, before I went to Stockholm, but I’m not sure if this is the cronological third. What I love about this is how simple this is.

FullSizeRender (26)

The fourth one is something I bought together with the third and I call it the sunny one. Suprisingly, it has a small sun on it. This has the same simplicity as the moony and I love both too much.

FullSizeRender (25)

The fifth is a golden one with a small circle on it and you can find this in the Winter favourites post, too. I think I wrote everything I can about this there, so just look at this.

FullSizeRender (27)

The sixth is a simple elastic one with three golden flowers on it. I bought this because why not and it fits me surprisingly well. This is the most comfortable choker from my collection, to be honest.

FullSizeRender (23)

And finally we arrived to the last one. The seventh may be known from the March haul post and I bought it from LoveBug Vintage and I’m still in love with this.

FullSizeRender (24)

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