Summer Wishlist (which items I’m carving for but I’ll never buy)


Hello dears!

In this post I am going to show you 11 items which I am totally carving for, but I’m sure that I will never buy them. At least, I’ll share their links, just so you can reach them at the webstores.

So, I’ll start off with H&M products, because there is an H&M store in the other city, so that is the most usual place where I go to buy clothes and accessories, and in the H&M category, I think I should start with trousers/jeans.

The first things are these mom jeans, which I have fallen in love with. It is darker coloured and it says Stay Bold at the knee area.


The second ones are there boyfriend jeans, which are lighter but say Rebel Youth which I can totally relate to.


The thirds are these burgundy trousers which have those beautiful embroidered details on the waist and the stalks.


The next category basically contains one skirt, which has embroidery on it, too and made of denim.


The next one is a body, which has a human heart on it and this pastel coloured, and for me it has a meaning which I can’t really explain.


This category stands for tops, basically for two tops. The first one is a floral patterned, loosy one with the popular choker-like neck.


The second top a black crop top and something that I can totally relate to, again. It is black, has a red rose on it saying Unavailable.


The next is a lacy dress which is totally like something from the ’20s and to be completely honest I AM A FAN OF THOSE YEARS. It is white, which makes it more elegant.


And the last one from H&M is this small bag which you could see as a featured image. It is small – just for make-up – and pinky and it says Rainbow Crew with a rainbow down below the text.



The other place where I looked for these items is and it’s an amazing place. The first thing I want from here is this asimetryc skirt with turquise patterns.


The other thing is a swimsuit in deep blue colour and has lacy details on it.


So this is all, I want for summer, but I will never buy. If you liked this post, don’t forget to share, like, comment and subscribe.

Have a nice day!


The Yellow Wall ft. Móni Vida


I decided to make a ‘look’ post to my blog and I asked my classmate (WHO IS A TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER) Móni Vida to take the pictures for me. When she said yes, I was so delighted, I can’t tell and she was the most helpful photographer I’ve ever met.

An exhibition about the women


If we think about the 20th century, wars may come to our minds, but let us talk about the women’s fashion, which changed so much through the years. In the 1900s companies started to use women to advertise their products and the spreading of the information became faster by the cinemas and photos.

The exhibition was about these advertises and the changes of the fashion. Here you can find a gallery of the photos I made for you all. There are some dresses and lingeries, but you can see powder boxes and an old type of beautyblender, some pairs of shoes and an iconic photo of the 20es, and finally the shoes I wore to this event.



My chokers and the stories behind them


Soooo… As I mentioned in the March Haul post, I’m a s*cker for chokers, so I decided to write a post about my chokers. I have seven (and I’m waiting for five from eBay), mainly from Claire’s and a short story connects to each of them. I hope, you’ll enjoy them!

The first one in the row is exactly the first I got. I got this from my parents for my 18th birthday in October and to be completely honest then I thought that it was too goth for me so I never wore it. Basically, this is the reason why I call it the goth one. But when I searched for my chokers, I found it and now I think that I can master out a look with this piece. It has that kind of strange, somewhat dog collar-ish solution at the back, but it looks good, to be honest. It came with a bracelet in the same style and now I think that I should totally wear them.

FullSizeRender (21)

The second one is two days older in my wardrobe: I got this for my 18th birthday, too, but from one of my best friends and my amazingly talented photographer (Let me say thank you again). I mentioned it in the Winter favourites post and I call this the burjois one, because it has those big white beads and swarowski crystals and I can’t tell how much I love it. On our prom night, I lended it to one of my classmates and it was really beautiful with her dress.

FullSizeRender (22)

And this is where I am going to lose the cronological order. The third one is this simple one with a small moon on it. This is why I call it the moony one (I don’t know if moony is an existing word). I bought it around Christmas, before I went to Stockholm, but I’m not sure if this is the cronological third. What I love about this is how simple this is.

FullSizeRender (26)

The fourth one is something I bought together with the third and I call it the sunny one. Suprisingly, it has a small sun on it. This has the same simplicity as the moony and I love both too much.

FullSizeRender (25)

The fifth is a golden one with a small circle on it and you can find this in the Winter favourites post, too. I think I wrote everything I can about this there, so just look at this.

FullSizeRender (27)

The sixth is a simple elastic one with three golden flowers on it. I bought this because why not and it fits me surprisingly well. This is the most comfortable choker from my collection, to be honest.

FullSizeRender (23)

And finally we arrived to the last one. The seventh may be known from the March haul post and I bought it from LoveBug Vintage and I’m still in love with this.

FullSizeRender (24)

I hope you liked this post and if you did so, don’t forget to comment and share my blog! Thank you!